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Make Your Traffic Pay With Google AdSense

If you've been looking for an easy and effective way to generate revenue from your website, Google AdSense just may the answer.

AdSense is a powerful new advertising revenue program that's taking the online world by storm. It was created by Google to enable sites that are rich in content to increase
their advertising revenue simply by displaying Google AdWords pay-per-click ads.

Google AdSense really makes selling advertising space very easy since they handle everything for you. With access to a database of over 100,000 advertisers, you'll never have to worry about finding reliable advertisers for your site again. 

The concept is really very simple. If you have a high-quality site that provides text-based content (such as articles) you may qualify to display Google AdWords text ads on your web pages. Once your site is approved, you'll receive a portion of the pay-per-click charge for each click-through.

The great thing about Google's amazing AdSense advertising system is that it displays ads on your web pages that are relevant to the content on the page. Adsense's Mediabot first scans the page to determine the theme of the content. Google then displays text ads that match the page's theme. This increases click-through rates considerably because relevant text ads displayed in proximity with quality content are highly effective.

Although it's free to apply to the AdSense program, Google will review your site and approve or reject it for participation.

Since there has been a great many sites that were rejected, you should make sure that your site meets Google's criteria before you apply. You can find the guidelines here: https://www.google.com/adsense/policies

Google is basically looking for high-quality sites that offer lots of text-based content. The key words to keep in mind here are "quality" and "content." If your site is loaded with advertising, under construction, or has broken images and links, you probably won't be accepted. But if you have a quality site and provide your visitors with plenty of relevant content you should easily get in. 

The more content-rich pages that are on your site, the more advertising revenue you can earn. It's really that simple. If you don't have content of your own, there's a wealth of free content available on the internet! Just subscribe to any of the following article announcement groups to receive new article submissions each and every day:
  • Article Announce - Articles on all types of topics

  • AABusiness - Articles that are business oriented, including: Business, Networking, E-commerce, Sales, Business Communication, Promotion, Internet Marketing, etc.

  • AAInternet - Internet/web oriented articles, including: Web Design, Web Development, Ebooks, Ezines, Web Sites, Search Engines, etc. 

  • AAHome - Home, Garden, and Family oriented articles, including: Home, Parenting, Gardening, Relationships, Cooking, Crafts, Recipes, etc. 

  • AAHealth - Health & Fitness related articles, including physical and emotional health topics.

  • AAGeneral - General Interest types of articles.
With your subscription to any of these groups, you'll not only receive new article submissions delivered to your email, but you'll also have access to the archives which
already contain thousands of top-quality articles.

Visit this URL for more information: www.web-source.net

Once you've found a few articles that are relevant to your website, simply create a new page for each one. For example, if you find five relevant articles, you can create five brand new content pages on which you can display your Google AdWords ads.

Not only will you be adding valuable content for your visitors to use, but you'll also increase your site's traffic and revenue  potential. It's very much a win-win proposition no matter how you look at it.

Once Google has approved your site, you simply choose the style of ads you'd like to use and paste the AdSense code into your web pages where you want the ads to display. 

You can choose to display text ads, media ads or both in a variety of popular styles and sizes. Although all of the ad styles can be effective, the "skyscraper" ads placed toward the top right side of your page or the "Leaderboard" ads placed at the top of the page generally will provide a higher click-through rate than the other two styles.

But each page is different so your results may vary. You should test the different formats on your pages and use the style that is most effective for the content.

Once you begin to display the ads on your site, you can visit AdSense and log in to your account. You'll be able to see how your ad campaign is performing. You can view the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate and your accrued revenue. 

If some of the ads compete with your own products or services, you can log in to your account and "filter out" the unwanted ads. Also, you can display other ads as long as they ads don't mimic AdWords ads.

Google AdSense is quite simply the best advertising revenue program available right now. Why not take the plunge and start earning some revenue from your website?

You can get all the details on the AdSense website.

Shelley Lowery is the publisher of Etips -- Web Design, Internet Marketing, and Ecommerce Solutions. Visit Web-Source.net to sign up for a free subscription and
receive a free copy of her highly acclaimed ebook: "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies."

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