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The Future Of High Speed Internet Access

Fast Internet access for all is just around for the corner!

The lack of high speed Internet access in most rural areas of the country is a source of frustration for millions of web surfers.

Unless you happen to live in or very near to a well-populated area, your high speed Internet options are limited to satellite service (which is fairly expensive). Cable Internet and DSL connections are simply unavailable to those in most rural areas unless they choose to pay extra for satellite Internet service.

But if you happen to be one of the millions of Americans without access to a fast Internet connection, help is on the way!

Plans are in the works for virtually every city and county in the United States to provide Wi-Fi service to the people living within their jurisdictions. Time estimates for the widespread availability of this new service range from two to ten years because it will take some time to work out the technological details, get the approval of local officials, and install the equipment that will make it all work.

Other technologies for delivering fast Internet access are in the works as well, which is good since competition helps keep costs to a reasonable level. But as with Wi-Fi delivered Internet access, these fast Internet connection options won't be available for a while.

This delay notwithstanding, if you're longing for high speed Internet access, you now have something to look forward to!

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