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Windows XP: Improve System Performance

Keep the core Windows XP system files in memory for better performance!

Windows XP can be sluggish at times, especially when it has to go to the hard drive to load an essential core system file. If your PC has at least 512 MB of RAM, you can force Windows XP to keep the core system files in memory, which can speed up your PC by a large margin.

Caution: This article involves editing the Windows XP Registry. Since changing the registry has the potential for corrupting it, you should always back up a registry key before you make changes to it.

How to speed up your Windows XP system:

  1. Verify that your PC has at least 512 MB of RAM
  2. Click Start 
  3. Click Run 
  4. In the box, type regedit 
  5. Navigate to this registry key:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
    Memory Management\
  6. Back up this registry key  
  7. Change the key's value to 1 
  8. Click File 
  9. Click Exit 
  10. Reboot the computer 
Now Windows XP will retain all of its core files in memory, preventing the system from having to access the hard drive to retrieve a file.

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