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Review: Hostgator Web Hosting

Our experience-based opinions about Hostgator's web hosting services.

Hostgator has provided the web hosting services for RLROUSE.COM and all of our partner sites for over 8 years now, and we feel it's about time we pass on our experience with the company and the quality of their products and services - an independent review based upon our own extensive use and experience.

We started out with another hosting company for RLROUSE.COM, but after several instances of downtime (one of which lasted for an entire week) we decided to move the site to a new web host. We decided to go with Hostgator after carefully comparing their cost and features with several of their competitors.

Hostgator wasn't the cheapest (and they didn't claim to be), but we felt they offered the best hosting package for the money. At that time the site consisted of less than 800 pages so we handled the move ourselves using a standard FTP application - everything worked flawlessly.

As the site began to grow, our extensive use of SSI (Server Side Includes) began to degrade the performance of our site as well as the other sites hosted on our shared server. Rapid, steady expansion throughout 2003 and early 2004 left us with several thousand pages, many of which ranked very highly in the search engines. The resulting high traffic combined with our heavy use of SSI was bringing the server to a standstill.

After weighing our options, we decided it was time to move up to a dedicated server. Faced with the task of manually moving several thousand pages, we contacted Hostgator and asked if they could move the site for us. We quickly received an email directly from Brent Oxley, the owner of the company, informing us that they would move the site for us.

Hostgator built the server and transferred the files, and after a minor hiccup the site worked perfectly and we have had zero downtime to speak of - for years! That's zero downtime - which is pretty hard to beat! And even with all of the server side processing going on, the site is super fast and very responsive under the heavy load of over 1 million page views per month!

In the meantime, we opened a couple of reseller accounts to hold our partner sites and several client sites. To date, we have had just a few minor problems with those sites, and each issue were taken care of very quickly and professionally.

The bottom line...

We are very pleased with way Hostgator does business, and the hardware and service they have supplied has been top-notch. As long as they continue to provide the same superior level of service that we have received over the last 8+ years, we will never use another web host. Why switch if you're already using the best?

If you want to give Hostgator a try, simply click on the banner at the top of this article. We have made arrangements through our affiliate account for you to be able to try Hostgator for an entire month for just one penny. That's right, the fee for hosting your site with the world's best web hosting company is just 1 cent if you click the banner above!

About the Author:

Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Directory & Informational Resources.

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