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Hilton Head Island: Golf Heaven & The Ocean Too!

Visit beautiful Hilton Head, SC for the ultimate golf and sun vacation

Hilton Head: 42 square miles of golf and surf!

Hilton Head Island is appropriately called Golf Island. Located just off the coast of South Carolina, the semi-tropical 12-mile barrier island is devoted to providing world-class golf, tennis and water-recreation activities to the 2.5 million visitors who arrive annually. The majority are seniors who faithfully return each year during the balmy winter months.

Hilton Head Island was the first eco-planned destination in the United States, in the mid-1950s. Those early efforts to protect the unique, scenic ecosystem have served as historic models for contemporary land-use planning.

Visitors today encounter the same fertile salt marshes, forests of moss-draped oaks, and pristine beaches enjoyed by the island's early settlers.

Golf Island's total devotion to pleasing travelers didn't just happen on its own. It was painstakingly designed to create a first-class resort and recreational mecca.

Hilton Head is warmed by the Gulf Stream which keeps average temperatures about 70 degrees. That assures a year-round golf season, with a million rounds of golf played annually in Hilton Head, SC.

Let's talk some serious golf!

There are 24 golf courses on the Hilton Head Island (10 of them private). Some of these are world-class championship courses (hosting major tournaments like the Heritage and the Celebrity Golf Tournament). And if that's not enough choices for you, there's easy access to another 40 courses conveniently reached off the island, in the Hilton Head, SC area.

But don't feel like you've got to be an outstanding golfer to get the most enjoyment out of the available courses. Facilities exist for every skill level. And the Golf Coordinator at Hilton Head Rentals & Golf can match your own personal style and skills to the best courses for you.

The range of packages offered keeps golfing holidays affordable. There's no such thing as a charge for a golf cart. They're always included, along with guaranteed tee times and green fees.

Tennis also provides another major attraction for tourists. Tennis lovers can enjoy over 300 tennis courts, along with an abundance of tennis training professionals and tournaments.

Golf and tennis not your thing? How about the ocean!

Start with twelve miles of sandy, year-around beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Add eight marinas. You're ready for fishing and water sports.

For a person hankering for something more strenuous than sightseeing, water-skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and crabbing beckon. Or just try stretching out on the sand. There's a lot to be said for doing nothing but soaking up the sun and sand - as much as you can.

Capture some memorable experiences!

A person can't play golf or tennis (or even fish) all the time - no matter how pleasant. So relaxation-seeking visitors are enticed by a huge selection of enjoyable amusements or cultural events. Start with the island's 250 plus restaurants that cater to every taste, ethnic cuisine, and price range. And don't overlook the array of freshly caught seafood.

You're looking for a total experience, much like a symphony. All the parts (lodging, recreation, quality of service, dining) merge harmoniously together - without a single sour note. That's what every visitor stores up and takes back home, once the vacation is over.

Enjoy a plethora of pleasures!

If you're expecting the finest "symphony" of experiences, where you choose to stay needs to be just as unforgettable as the island's first-rate recreational offerings. Accommodations can be found to match every taste and price range.

You can choose from:

  • 6,000 villas
  • 3,000 hotel or motel rooms 
  • 1,000 timeshare units 
  • 2 RV resorts 
  • 1 Campground (off-island) 
But if you really want to pamper yourself, start at Hilton Head Rentals & Golf, with over 250 premier Hilton Head condos, villas and homes for rent on the island.

Picture this. You're waking up with your sweetie beside you, languidly looking forward to a day on the golf course. And not just any golf course - a legendary one. You can smell the ocean, without even seeing it. You'll do that later, after your leisurely breakfast on the verandah.

There's not a thing that needs doing, except figuring out what amusement takes your fancy - and where you want to dine. No need to rush. Remember you're on vacation. One you won't soon forget!

Article courtesy of Mark Ridgway, Hilton Head Island Golf Professional. Voted one of the top 10 golf destinations in the World by Golf Digest, Hilton Head Rentals & Golf offers an island vacation you'll never forget! Visit them at www.hiltonheadvacation.com for exciting golf packages and more.

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