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How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Lower your scores by improving your golf swing!

Are you dissatisfied with your golf swing? Are you usually disappointed with your scores? If so, here are a few tips to help you improve your golf swing:

  • Pay careful attention to other successful golfers and mimic their swing. Try to copy their stance, grip, backswing, and follow-through. Imitating a successful golf swing might just lead to success of your own.
  • Practice your swing in front of a mirror, making minor adjustments as needed.
  • Purchase a video tape that features one of golf's best players demonstrating an proper golf swing. Watch it several times and practice what you see.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Lots of golfers practice putting for hours, but give only a passing consideration to the other golf swings. If it takes you six strokes to get onto the green, being a great putter won't do much for you.

    Make it a point to put in several hours of practice each week. Practice teeing off, driving, chipping, everything!
  • And most important of all, keep a positive image of your golf swing in your mind at all times. If you go to the tee or pull out a club with doubt fogging your mind, your ball is likely to end up in the rough.

If you really want to improve your golf swing, you have to:
  1. emulate someone else's great swing
  2. practice several hours per week 
  3. maintain a positive mental attitude 

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