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5 Ways To Get Other Websites To Link To Yours

In-bound links from other web sites to yours can provide two separate avenues to success for your site: First, the number of high-quality in-bound links pointing to your web site is an important factor used by the search engines (including Google) to rank the web pages in their indexes.

Attaining lots of in-bound links can help boost a page into the top 10 of a search engine's search results page (SERP) for a given keyword or key phrase.

Second, in addition to the obvious search engine ranking benefits provided by in-bound links, they also supply a steady stream of referral traffic to your site! If you are able to attain a large number of links from high-quality sites, you'll receive about as much traffic from referrals as you get from the search engines.

The big question that many webmasters ask is: "How do I get other sites to link to mine?".

There are several methods that you can use to entice other webmasters to give you a link to your site:
  1. Simply ask for a link! If your site is a valuable resource for the other site's visitors, send the webmaster a polite, personalized email asking for a link. Be sure to tell him why a link to your site would be beneficial to his visitors (and his site). You should also explain which page on his site would be best served by having your link on it.

    For example: Your site sells software tools used for website promotion. Your site will most likely be of value to the visitors of a site that features web authoring books and tutorials. And since your site compliments his site, he may very well be happy to provide you with a link!
  2. Offer other webmasters a freebie in exchange for links on their sites. You could offer a free software download, a free service (such as search engine optimization services for his site), or a testimonial for his product or service (with your active link in it of course).
  3. Write articles about a topic that you happen to know a lot about. Offer to let other webmasters use your article on their websites, in their ezines, or in their newsletters. At the end of the article will be a "resource box" or "bio" that provides a little background information about you as well as a link to your web site.

    Writing free articles can a huge traffic-builder and search engine rankings booster when you get your articles published on several web sites!
  4. Create and distribute free ebooks about various topics in your field of expertise. Give (or sell) other webmasters the right to distribute your ebooks from their web sites or newsletters. Of course each ebook that they distribute will contain information about your web site as well as a link to it!
  5. Swap links with other sites that compliment your site. Do a search on Google or Yahoo for one of your target keywords. Contact the webmaster of each site that comes up in the SERPs with a very personalized email explaining why a link exchange would benefit both sites. 

    Be very specific when making your case. Then ask for the link exchange. Your chances of success will be increased if you already have his "reciprocal" link in place on your site before you contact him.

    Be sure to include the exact URL of the page on your site that has his link on it.
  6. (bonus tip) - Make it easy for webmasters to link to your site. Provide exact linking details including the HTML code for your link. And make it easy to find and navigate your links page.

    A links page that's well organized and easy to navigate adds a huge level of credibility and professionalism to your site.
There are many other effective techniques that you can use to get in-bound links to your web site. Simply use your  imagination.

If you come up with a well-thought out plan for your link campaign and diligently apply it, you can watch your site's search engine rankings and targeted traffic steadily climb to ever new heights!

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