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How To Get Better Grades

3 steps to learning more and getting better grades

Almost everyone wants to get better grades and learn more, but many simply don't know how to go about achieving these important goals. Here are three important steps that will help you improve your learning skills and get better grades:

  1. Motivate yourself. Most successful people have learned a basic and essential quality that you will also need to acquire: persistence.

    Like most of us, many very successful people failed many times,  but they got up right away and started over again and again until they eventually enjoyed success. 

    We can motivate ourselves to get better grades the same way by visualizing the desired result in our mind just as if it has already occurred. Feel what you will feel once you get better grades. Name this feeling and amplify it until it becomes very pleasant.

    Now, add some new feelings upon this first feeling. Do you remember a time in your life when you were very excited about something?

    When you have this wonderful excitement in you, add it to the first very pleasant feeling as if you put a coat of excitement over the coat of very pleasant state. Let this feeling of excitement envelop you and notice how great you feel!

    Notice how you feel extremely motivated, confident, and calm. And for a moment, you really know that you will indeed do well in school and get better grades. But something is holding you back so you need to take the second important step....
  2. Rid yourself of the beliefs that hold you back. Consider the law of belief: whatever you believe becomes your reality. Once you understand and take steps to appropriate this belief in yourself, you will realize that you can do many wonderful things and especially get better grades!

    You learn continuously throughout your life. In fact, learning is a never-ending process. School is only the beginning of this amazing process with its special rules and rewards, which can often seem unfair.

    You begin to change this attitude by being aware that you are in fact a potential genius and that you can do better and you will get better grades!

    What can you learn from the experience of having bad grades? Consider that it is an opportunity for you to learn. And most important, it's an opportunity to realize that your strategies are the problem, not you. Which leads us to the last step...
  3. Learn how to learn. First of all, you need new strategies. If something doesn't work, simply try something else. Be aware of your individual learning style. Are you auditory, visual, kinesthetic?

    Also, keep in mind that you have multiple intelligences, and when you utilize them as much as you can you increase your chances of learning and getting better grades.

    Always keep your desired end result in mind. Act as if you already have the solution. Now all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

    If you already know where you need and want to go, your brain will help you find the solutions. Develop and use mind maps, imagination, and movement. Learning how to learn is essential for better performance in life.
The three steps described above are very important to success in school. They take care of your beliefs, emotions, and strategies to get better grades and to perform at a higher level in life!

About the author:

Emmanuel Segui is the author of "Moving from Vision to Action".

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