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Body Builders: How To Gain Muscle Mass

Tips for gaining muscle mass naturally

This article will explain how to gain weight naturally by building muscle mass. Gaining weight naturally is all about muscle building and using a mass building diet daily. The question of how to gain weight is a common one, but the answer lies squarely in your diet!

Below we will provide a sample muscle building diet for one day of the week. You can study the example and develop a similar diet for the rest of the week.

The best approach is to give yourself a day off each week where you can eat whatever you like. Ice cream, burgers, all your favorite foods. This way you have a breaking up point each week where you can look forward to eating anything.

How to gain weight naturally by muscle building - the example below is for one day of the week, we will use the supplement Myoplex as an example of a protein drink you could use to help you:

  1. Breakfast - Oat meal with Myoplex supplement.
  2. Early snack - Chicken sandwich. 
  3. Lunch - Pasta, sweet corn and tuna. 
  4. Afternoon snack - Myoplex and portion of mixed fruit
  5. Dinner - Jacket potato with pork chops and salad.
  6. Before bed - Myoplex supplement 
This is an example for just one day of the week on how to gain weight naturally muscle building. Whichever days you decide to train, make sure you feed your self with protein straight after a workout. You could use this for 6 days then take one day off to eat anything whenever you choose.

Balance the diet, so use different foods each day, make sure you are always feeding your self with calories and make them good quality high in protein. The key to gaining muscle mass and weight is making sure you eat every 2 - 3 hours, do not go longer than this, and keep eating those calories!

About the Author:

John Gibb is the webmaster of several review and guide websites.

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