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Information about Forsythias

ForsythiaForsythia Suspensa

Common name: Golden Bells

Type: Perennial

Perhaps no flowering plant signifies the arrival of spring more effectively than forsythias.

Forsythias turn lawns and gardens a bright yellow, letting us know that winter's tenuous grasp is giving way to warmer weather!

Forsythias serve well as a colorful hedge or border shrub. They also make a great central focal point for a flower garden.

Forsythias do very well under the full sun in well-drained soil. They do not require a lot of maintenance aside from an occasional pruning. Watering is only necessary in cases of extreme drought.

Because of their erratic growth patterns, forsythias will assume all kinds of odd shapes if they aren't pruned at least once a year.

Prepare your garden and mind for spring by planting forsythias. They'll intensify your desire and appreciation for spring and lift your spirits!

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