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How To Fake A Tan

Fake a tan with sunless tanning lotion!

A great tan is usually associated with health and beauty, but while a bronze look is highly desirable, especially in the summer or while on vacation, we all know about the dangers of the sun's UV rays. Is a temporary tan really worth the permanent sun damage, wrinkles, and risk of skin cancer? Of course not! 

You can save time and completely avoid these risks by using sunless tanning lotion. Today's self tanning lotions give you a deep golden tan instead of the orange look of just a few years ago. 

Many of the self tanning lotions available today are tinted, and these are the ones I recommend. Not only do they give you an initial tan, but you're more likely to apply the lotion more evenly and avoid streaking. 

First, take a bath or shower and exfoliate your skin. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, and any other rough spots. These areas will tend to soak up the self tanning lotion and turn darker than the rest of your body so it's very important to get rid of any dead skin. 

Dry yourself off by patting (not rubbing) and pin up your hair. Apply regular body lotion to the dry spots you just exfoliated, then allow several minutes for your body to dry completely. 

You may want to wear thin gloves to apply the self tanning lotion to avoid getting it on your hands, but putting it on with your bare hands will likely result in a more even application. The choice is yours. 

Begin by applying the lotion from the bottom up, bracing your foot on a stool or chair. Rub the self tanning lotion in lightly because you can always go back later and apply it again. 

Don't forget about the areas that would tan naturally under the sun: your knees, arms, neck, and the back of your legs. When applying the lotion to your face, remember to smooth it onto your eyelids and into your hairline (be sure to avoid your hair and eyes).

For people who have sensitive skin, there are self tanning lotions specifically formulated for your face which will result in a more natural looking tan. 

If you'll be wearing your hair up, don't forget to apply the self tanning lotion on the back of your neck and behind your ears for a more natural look. 

When you're finished, wash your hands thoroughly if you didn't wear gloves, otherwise your palms will turn an unnatural color. Dry them completely with a hand towel. 

Before the lotion dries, it's very likely to tan whatever you're wearing too, so let yourself dry and then put on some loose-fitting clothing. If you're going to be sitting on a cloth couch or chair, cover it with a towel to avoid staining. 

To achieve a deep, dark tan before a special occasion, apply the self tanning lotion before going to bed, and then again in the morning. Before you leave, check yourself in the mirror for streaks and correct them with a damp paper towel. Apply a finishing touch by applying bronzing powder to your face and shoulders, and then hit the town!

About the author:

Lorene Radenz is a freelance writer and the founder of Beauty Tips Online.

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