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The Fundamentals Of Publishing An Ezine

How to publish an ezine the RIGHT way

Publishing an ezine is vital to the success of an online business for several reasons:

  • Your ezine keeps you in regular contact with your customers, which helps build a relationship that's needed to gain trust and respect.
  • You can generate advertising revenue from your ezine.
  • Your ezine will also help you build your reputation and your online business.

When you start your own ezine, remember the basic and important elements of a well designed ezine:

  1. Keep it clean. Don't add a bunch of squiggles and decorations that could make it difficult to read.
  2. Keep it short. Prune it to a reasonable length. A shorter ezine will usually be read more often than a longer one. 
  3. Limit your advertising to six ads or less. I realize that savvy publishers place ads in their ezines to aid the bottom line, but keep it to a reasonable number (depending on the length of your newsletter). 
  4. Add your own unique personality. Make your ezine inviting and warm. Speak to your readers in a one-on-one style. Give them an opportunity to get to know you. This is very important! 
  5. Provide quality, useful content, and keep it interesting. If the theme your ezine is cooking, then make sure it provides information on how to cook. Give the reader tips, tools, articles, links, resources, products, news, etc.

    All of these things will provide valuable information for your readers. You can also inject a little humor and fun into your newsletter. We can all use a little humorous pick-me-up from time to time.
  6. Be consistent and true to your word. If you say will publish your ezine every Friday, then make sure you send it out each and every Friday. Of course sometimes things do happen that are beyond our control that may prevent this on rare occasions. When they do, just let your subscribers know and they'll certainly understand. 
  7. Be sure you provide all of the necessary admin information in your ezine. This should include contact information, how to subscribe and unsubscribe, a disclaimer, and your privacy policy. 
  8. Be available to talk to your readers. If someone emails
    you with a question, comment, or concern, make sure you answer her promptly and courteously. This will go a long way towards building your reputation as a trusted and reliable business and advisor. 
  9. Make providing original content your number 1 priority. If you're unsure about writing informative articles, you can write an editorial containing news updates, useful tips, product reviews, etc. Always have some type of interesting and useful original content.
  10. Check your ezine for mistakes. Proofread it. Better yet, have someone else proofread it! You want to produce a professional quality ezine, not one that appears to have been put together by a child. (Although these days most kids could probably do quite a good job.)
  11. Enjoy your ezine and have lots of fun with it. Just be yourself and great things will begin to happen. (At least they did for me). I've met tons of interesting new people, my business has flourished, and I have developed a self-pride that I had never had before! You can experience this as well with your very own high-quality ezine!

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