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Enhance Your Website With Expert Content

Use expert content to establish your website as an authority

The word has gotten out about the importance website content. It has never been a huge secret, actually - the only effective way to promote a website is by hosting unique, quality content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid inclusion programs are a waste of time and money if there isn't a compelling reason for your visitors to come back to your website once they have found it. Website sales only result from repeat visitors and user loyalty.

A business built on expertise must be represented by expert content: articles, columns, tutorials, etc. that meets the most discriminating needs.

With your business' reputation at stake, follow these guidelines for producing the quality website content that will bring your web visitors back to your site time and again:

  • Make your content expert content

    Your clients come to you because they value your expertise, skill and taste. Your website content is a reflection of your word, a continuation of a professional client relationship.

    Never host any material from a source that you can't personally vouch for, or to whom you wouldn't refer clients. You must assume personal responsibility for every byline on your website.

  • Make your content relevant and objective

    Build great website content that people will trust - unbiased information that directly involves your clients and addresses their needs.

    Refrain from rolling sales pitches into your articles. Be an advocate for your clients and their interests, and use that awareness to inform via the subject matter you include on your website.
  • Make your content timely and well-researched

    Information seekers search the Internet in order to find the latest, most specific answers to their questions. Don't post outdated or generic filler content. Make your content rich in accurate information, timely in scope, and authentically useful to web users.
  • Make your content unique
    Website content that can easily be found elsewhere is worse than useless, because it makes your business appear commoditized.

    Don't recite the same tired advice being given by all your competitors - host unique and specific material on subjects not being covered anywhere else on the Internet.

    Use your unique background and experience to your advantage. Demonstrate that your business is one of a kind by offering information that only you can provide.
  • Make your content well written

    Your expert credibility can quickly be diminished by low writing standards. Be aware of professional writing and publishing standards (consult the Chicago Manual of Style), and follow them.

    Hire a ghostwriter or professional editor if need be to help ensure that your copy is clean and elegant. Never host any material that could place your intelligence or literacy in doubt.

    A website can build or destroy an expert reputation, and the deciding factor is the quality of its content. With the sheer amount of useless, outdated, poorly written material on the Internet today, the average web user is desperate for information that can be relied upon.

    Create an online resource that your clients value, and they will keep coming back - building your credibility, refining your market, and increasing your income.

About the author:

Robert Warren is a freelance copywriter specializing in providing for the unique marketing needs of the independent professional. Visit him at www.rswarren.com.

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