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Email Marketing The Right Way!

8 tips for effective, safe, and ethical email marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful tool for generating increased business and higher revenues. But if done incorrectly, email marketing can cause a ton of problems.

Here are eight tips for starting and running effective, safe, and ethical email marketing campaigns:

  1. Send your email offers to your own list when possible. By marketing to your own list you'll know exactly how those email addresses were gathered.
  2. Build your email marketing lists yourself if you can. Place a subscription form on your website and inside your ebooks if you have some that you distribute.
  3. Make your subscription process double opt-in. This means in order for someone to subscribe to your newsletter or be placed on your mailing list, they have to consciously do two things:
    1. Enter their email address into the form
    2. Respond to the confirmation email that you 
      send them
    Using a double opt-in subscription process will help reduce the possibility of receiving SPAM complaints and provide a defense in case you do receive one.
  4. Place an "unsubscribe link" at both the top and bottom of every email that you send out. (And be sure to immediately honor all unsubscribe requests.)
  5. If you do decide to rent an email list from a third party and/or contract with them to do your mass mailings, be absolutely certain that they collected their contacts using a double opt-in process and that the subscribers to those lists agreed to accept mailings from a third party (you).
  6. Keep your email marketing copy short and to the point. Include everything you need to include in order to make the sale, but nothing more. These days people receive so many offers in their inboxes that they'll simply delete yours if it's too long.
  7. Offer a discount or incentive with a time limit. Something like "25% off if ordered by June 30!" works very well.
  8. If possible, provide a street address and phone number in your email marketing content. These two essential pieces of information will help build confidence and trust in you and your business which will result in more sales and higher profits.

Email marketing is a very inexpensive and effective way to boost your sales and earnings, but it can also cause you a bunch of problems if it's done incorrectly. By following the guidelines listed above you can reap all the rewards that email marketing has to offer while assuming less risk.

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