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Educational Resources Directory

  • Interactive Displays for Education - Innovative and Interactive Displays & Screens for Education
  • Online High School Diploma Program - Online programs which offer the students the opportunity 
    to complete their high school diploma online.
  • GED Online Diploma - Interactive education programs and preparation exams for anyone lacking 
    their high school diploma or GED.
  • Free GED Practice Test - An interactive online education course specifically designed for those 
    who need to practice for the GED test or earn their high school diploma through the free
  • My GED - Fast education classes for students wishing to practice for the GED test or who prefer 
    taking the online course to earn their high school diploma.
  • GED Online Test - Kokopelli's online GED prep course helps you get ready for the actual GED test 
    or to earn your high school diploma from home.
  • Automotive Training - Lincoln Technical Institute provides career training for numerous industries. 
    Whether you want to become a chef, mechanic, businessman, health professional, cosmetology
    expert or IT professional, Lincoln has a program that can help you get there. Contact Lincoln
    Technical Institute today to find out more.
  • Certificate Programs in Connecticut - Lincoln College of New England provides convenient & 
    affordable bachelors degrees and certificate programs. Our campuses, located in Hartford,
    Suffield, & Southington provide three options for continuing your eduation.
  • Medical Billing And Coding Certification - ExploreJobTraining.com helps you find useful insight 
    aimed at helping you decide if a Healthcare career such as dental, nursing or phlebotomy is
    right for you. The site also provides visitors with tips on how to be successful in your career.
    Understand how to make your future a success starting now.
  • Online College Courses List - Searchable guide for students interested in free and affordable 
    online courses.
  • Mathematics & Engineering Research - Find original research in Engineering, Mathematical 
    Sciences, Physical Sciences.
  • Forklift Certification Online - Online provider of forklift training classes specifically created 
    to educate and certify completely from home or work.
  • Online Masters Degree - Online degree portal connecting students of all ages and at all 
    stages of life with online degrees and on-campus programs in a variety of fields.
  • Online Social Work Degree - A bachelor's degree in social work will prepare you for 
    counseling, management, human services, and many other careers. Visit our website at
    OnlineSocialWorkDegree.org to find out if social work is the career for you and to find
    degree programs available to you.
  • Educational Leadership Programs - School Building Leaders support the staff and students 
    of a school to reach their full potential. Find out more about educational leadership careers
    by visiting EducationalLeadershipPrograms.org. Read articles about the education field and
    find schools offering degrees in educational leadership.
  • Online High School Diploma - Aspire high school provides classes and free enrollment in 
    an online high school diploma course for those who are prepared to continue their higher
  • Computer Training - AMES IT Academy is your premier provider of high quality Information 
    Technology (IT) education in New Zealand. AMES offers a range of computer training
    courses to both domestic and international students.
  • Masters in TESOL - Helpful site for students interested in grad level TESOL programs. 
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