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Eat Smart For Better Health

Create a healthier and happier you by eating smart!

Healthy eating is essential for healthy living! Eating smart can put you on the road to a healthy lifestyle!

Today's consumers are more educated and demanding than ever before when it comes to nutrition, and everyone wants great-for-you products without sacrificing the taste.

With a little advanced planning, everyone can have their fun while still maintaining healthy eating habits.

“Snack foods, especially those containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils have recently come under intense scrutiny,” said Dr. Nancy Pitman, M.D. “These oils contain trans fats, which are directly associated with heart disease and LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol.”

According to the USDA, hydrogenated oils are present in almost half of the food in our grocery stores. Cookies, popcorn, and chips are among the biggest carriers of trans fats. The Hain Celestial Group offers many products that do not contain any hydrogenated oils or genetically engineered ingredients.

Eating is actually easier than you may think. By making small, simple adjustments to your diet, you can cut down on harmful fats and extra calories. Here are a few tips for healthy eating:

  • Even when on the run, it’s still possible to practice healthy eating habits. Most fast-food restaurants now offer items for health-conscious eaters.

    McDonald’s recently introduced a McVeggie Burger in the chain’s Los Angeles area restaurants. This veggie burger contains about 350 calories and just 8 grams of fat.
  • Skip trans-fat filled chips and choose instead all-natural Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips, available in a variety of flavors.

    These chips contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or hydrogenated oils and they are cholesterol free. Terra Exotic Vegetable chips are currently available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.
  • When indulging in a dessert, skip the ice cream and brownies and reach for fruits or sorbet instead. Those who love cookies can eliminate harmful ingredients by choosing better-for-you products such as Health Valley’s new Cookie Cremes.

    These delicious sandwich cookies are made with organic wheat and contain no hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors, and no genetically engineered ingredients. They're available in chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla and chocolate mint.

  • Drinking lots of fluids is a great to ward off unnecessary hunger and help keep your body hydrated. We recommend Celestial Seasonings new Cool Brews in flavors like Peach Ice, a combination of all natural black tea (a well-know antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent), real peaches, natural peach flavor and other natural ingredients.

    Celestial Seasonings is also introducing ready-to-drink iced teas available in two green tea and three black tea varieties.

  • Add lots of crunchy, colorful vegetables to your salads and wraps, including bell peppers, cucumbers and celery.
  • Use whole grains whenever you can. Couscous or bulgur are great for picnic salads, as are whole-wheat tortillas or pitas for wraps and sandwiches.
Make smarter, healthier eating choices and your heart and your waistline will thank you.

Article courtesy of the Hain Celestial Group.

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