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Doyle's Thornless Blackberries

Grow blackberries that produce up to 20 gallons per plant!


Doyle's Thornless Blackberry plants are nothing short of amazing. These plants grow up to seven feet tall, and a single plant can bear up to 20 gallons of juicy and delicious berries. Yes, that's right. I did say 20 gallons, not 20 quarts.

Doyle Blackberries are currently growing in all 50 states, and they are bearing like crazy everywhere they are planted. They make excellent climbing plants for arbors and trellises, and they can be planted in rows and allowed to "climb" along a wire stretched between posts.

The berries produced by these amazing plants are large, juicy and just as tasty as any you'll find. They're great for jellies, jams, pies, or for eating with a bowl of cereal. And of course they're great pulled straight off of the vine and popped into your mouth!

The Doyle's beautiful flowers make them outstanding ornamental plants, and after the flowers are gone, the colorful berries hanging in wads are just as beautiful. Whether you plant them among your vegetables or your flowers, Doyle's Thornless Blackberry plants will be a delightful, attractive addition to your property.

About the author: Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE.COM.

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