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Diving In Dolphin Reef

Enjoy a Red Sea vacation diving with the dolphins!

If you wish to dive next to dolphins in the Red Sea, Dolphin Reef might be a great choice for you. At Dolphin Reef, divers can dive next to dolphins while they are in their natural habitat. Dolphins who are free to go away from visitors if they wish and are not trained to socialize still stay near and sometimes even showing a very playful spirit.

Dolphin Reef is an ecological site located in Eilat, Israel, and where people and dolphins can meet and interact. Most divers often tell they could hear the dolphins as well as watch them, and sometimes they would even know that dolphins were near by having heard them first. Besides, the environment in which this kind of diving is very beautiful which allows divers to have a really great experience.

One of the main attractions of Dolphin Reef is the fact that dolphins can be visited in their natural environment. This way, divers can view them interacting as a group as well as watch them while in their every day lives and routines.

Many dolphins, mostly the young ones, are very curious and friendly and are always willing to approach to divers and swimmers allowing them to have a close encounter.

Another great image which divers can enjoy while diving into Dolphin Reef waters is the one given by dolphins playing and socializing with visitors. Sometimes, the most bold dolphins would approach visitors so much as to allow them touch them and play with them. Besides this, many families of dolphins can be seen in groups, interacting with each other as well as taking care of tasks such as hunting, courting and playing with each other.

Divers who visit Dolphin Reef have the chance to approach dolphins in a different way. These dolphins would not approach to divers or socialize with them due to being trained for it but by wishing to do it. This way, visitors can experience the way in which dolphins like to meet people and interact and this way see how naturally friendly they are without the need of being trained or in a special habitat.

About the Author:

Jakob Jelling is the founder of kitesurfingnow.com. Visit his kitesite for the latest on kitesurfing equipment, kiteboarding lessons, places to surf and much more!

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