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Christmas At Dollywood

Visit Dollywood this Christmas for a wonderful Smoky Mountains vacation!

Very few people I have ever talked to have argued with me when I've mentioned the sheer beauty one finds in the state of Tennessee.

For a person who has had the pleasure of driving through this gorgeous southern state can attest, the majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains is hard to beat for sheer eye candy.

The state has also spent a great deal of money to ensure that the highways are safe and clean which makes any driving vacation is a real treat. Most visitors to Tennessee make the drive from neighboring states because of both the aesthetics and the many recreational activities Tennessee is famous for.

DollywoodOne of the largest attractions the state has had to offer her visitors is Dollywood, Dolly Parton's ultra-popular Great Smoky Mountain family amusement park.

Dollywood has been an amusement park since 1961, when it was known as the "Rebel Railroad". The legendary country music star purchased part ownership of the park in 1986, and her huge popularity helped lead to a very rapid expansion. Since then, Dollywood has grown to become the largest such attraction in the state.

Hordes of people visit Tennessee every year, with most of them drawn by this home-spun capitol of entertainment located in Pigeon Forge. Dollywood is legendary for its annual Christmas activities which are held each year from November 5th - December 30th.

Known as "Smoky Mountain Christmas", Dollywood spares no expense on holiday cheer by decorating with over 3 million lights and decorations - and the festivities are remarkable in their intensity!

A Dollywood Christmas vacation offers a true Christmas experience for the entire family - especially the children. Dollywood completely immerses you in the Christmas spirit in a very unique way. The millions of lights, festive songs and wonderful food help Dollywood represent the best that the beautiful state of Tennessee has to offer.

The success of Dollywood as a popular entertainment destination is due to their emphasis on family-friendly fun in the country music tradition. If you are a fan of country music, love Christmas - or both, then the Dollywood Christmas extravaganza becomes a "must-do" trip on your vacationing agenda.

This Christmas season, why not enjoy a wonderful holiday vacation at Dollywood? You can join the throng of others who descend on Pigeon Forge, via Highway 66 to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday at Tennessee's number one tourist attraction.

About the Author:

Article courtesy of Darren McLaughlin. Live Tennessee is a resource devoted to purchasing land in the state of Tennessee. Visit them at www.live-tennessee.com.

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