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Enhance Your Site With A Yahoo-Style Directory

Does your site have a links page?

Do you exchange reciprocal links with other web sites in order to boost your traffic and search engine rankings?

Do you believe that a comprehensive resources page provides tangible benefits to your site's visitors?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you should consider adding an inexpensive Yahoo-style directory to your web site. A quality directory script will add a measure of professionalism to your site as well as valuable content for your users.

A good Directory script:

  • Adds a professional "look and feel" to your web site. No more bloated, unattractive links pages that could brand your site as a "link farm".

  • Allows your visitors to search for sites in your directory using keywords.

  • Allows you to display banner ads on your directory and search results pages. The search results pages will display different banners according to the search terms used. You can sell advertising targeted to specific keywords!

  • Encourages reciprocal link exchanges with other web sites. You'll have webmasters standing in line to exchange links with you.

  • Automates the link exchange process without all of the negatives that can get a site banned by the major search engines. A good script will handle everything related to adding a link yet still allow you to manually approve the link!
One of the best Directory scripts available is Hot Links SQL, which has all of the features usually found only in directory scripts costing $150 or more at a mere fraction of the price.

Of course there are other good directory scripts available as well, although you'll pay a good deal more. Just do a search on Google or Yahoo for "CGI scripts". Add a directory script to your site today and you can take your web presence to an entirely new level!

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