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The Advantages Of Digital Cameras

Why modern digital cameras have made film cameras obsolete for the average user

Do you still buy film, take it to the developer, and wait for the photos to be printed? If so, you're wasting valuable time and money.

Digital cameras have many advantages over the old film models:

  • A digital camera doesn't require a roll of film. This means you don't have to buy film, drive to the store, and wait for it to be developed.
  • You can take a lot more photos with a digital camera and print out only the ones you like. The number of pictures you can take with a film camera is limited to the number of exposures allowed on the film. If you want to take more pictures, you have to buy and load more rolls.

    Most of today's digital cameras enable you to take literally hundreds or even thousands of photos by simply adding an inexpensive add-on memory module.
  • Remember the last time you got back a set of 36 prints only to find that half of them were no good? You wasted a lot of money on 18 useless prints. Digital cameras eliminate this wasted expense.

    You can preview your photos right on the camera or on your computer screen, then print only the ones you like and simply delete the rest!
  • You can print your photos yourself, either on an inexpensive ink-jet printer or a dedicated photo printer. No more trips to the developer or waiting for your pictures to come back.
  • The resolution (megapixels) of even the least expensive digital cameras is now high enough to allow you to take very high quality photos.
  • The prices of digital cameras have dropped to the point where you can buy a top of the line model for less than the cost of a quality film camera.

Considering the great advances in digital camera technology coupled with the convenience and relatively low costs of owning and using one, there is really no reason to ever buy another film camera.

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