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Diabetes Directory

  • Gainesville Endocrinology - Patients throughout North Central Florida including Gainesville, Ocala,
    Lake City, and Tallahassee are referred to us for thyroid evaluation, thyroid ultrasound, thyroid
    nodule biopsy, thyroid cancer treatment and a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders.
  • Type Free - Improving Your Diabetes Lifestyle - A 1-stop resource for diabetes care and 
    nutrition. It addresses the basics of diabetes, physical activity and exercise, diet and
    nutrition, self-care, managing complications and prevention. Targeted to provide easy,
    whole life solutions for diabetes. It helps you to live your life type free.
  • Diabetic Drug Store: Diabetes Information And Care - Diabetic Drug Store was founded by a 
    pharmacist and diabetic educators in 1999. They provide testing supplies, sugar free cooking
    supplies, and daily living aids for diabetics in North America.
  • Diabetic Foot Care - Information on the diabetic foot for health professionals and people with 
  • Children With Diabetes - The on-line community for kids and families living with diabetes. 
  • The Diabetes Mall - Your one-stop source for diabetes treatment supplies. 
  • DiabetesMonitor.com - Monitoring diabetes happenings everywhere! 
  • Diabetes Interview - Essential information for the diabetes community. 
  • Diabetes News - Current news and information about diabetes. 
  • Diabetes Digest - Diabetes information that is easy-to-read and understand. 
  • Diabetes Symptoms - Diabetes-Guide.org - Extensive information about diabetes and treatments 
    to help you manage your diabetic symptoms effectively.


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