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How Can I Quickly Determine My Page's Google Ranking?

SEO / traffic-building questions and answers


Is there a way to see how the pages that have been indexed are ranked without having to type it in at Google and then start searching.

Submitted by JP N.


There is no way (that is acceptable by Google) to determine your page's rankings other than by simply searching for it. But there is a way to make the task easier...

1 - On the Google home page, click "Advanced Search".

2 - Enter a keyword/phrase that you're targeting for that page into the appropriate box in the "Find Results" section.

3 - Change the drop-down box from "10 results" to "100 results".

4 - Click "Google Search". You'll be presented with the first page of search results for your target keyword/phrase.

5 - On the "Edit" menu, click "Find (on this page)". Enter your domain in the box. For example, since our domain is rlrouse.com, I would simply enter rlrouse.

6 - Click "Find Next" and the first occurrence of any page on your website that contains the target search term will be highlighted. Click "Find Next" again to see if there are any more of your pages indexed on the current search results page.

7 - If you didn't find your page in the first 100 search results, move on to the second page of search results. Repeat for as many search results pages as you wish.

By using this process, you can quickly determine where (or if) your
page(s) rank in Google for that particular keyword/phrase. For example, you can quickly search through the top 1000 search results by repeating this process for just 10 pages!

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