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Dental Implants: A Great Alternative To Dentures

Why many patients are now choosing dental implants over dentures

Like many other Americans, if you're missing one or more teeth you may find that you're afraid to smile. You also might not like speaking because you think you sound funny, or perhaps you might not be able to eat some foods that you really enjoy.

In years past, your only real option was to replace your missing teeth with dentures, which many patients found to be very uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Modern dental implants can take away the embarrassment, self-consciousness and irritation often associated with dentures and older methods of tooth replacement.

Dental implants are permanent. And unlike dentures and other removable alternatives, dental implants can be easily and conveniently maintained in the same manner as natural teeth. Brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are all that’s required to care for your dental implants.

Florida implant dentist Dr. Gary Kodish comments, “Dental implants have been hugely successful in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. My patients are continuously overjoyed by their new smiles. Their only regret is that they didn’t perform the procedure sooner.”

Dental implants are simply artificial tooth roots that are firmly anchored into or on top of your jawbone. Dental implants are a safe, effective way to replace a single missing tooth, two or more teeth, and even entire rows of teeth.

While each case is different, the total time for an implant dentistry procedure is typically up to eighteen months, which begins with the initial evaluation and ends with your final "teeth" being implanted.

Dental implants are quite simply the best replacement for your natural teeth. Implant dentistry can dramatically improve your appearance and self-confidence regardless of your age. And dental implants are available to anyone missing all or some of their teeth, including the elderly, adults and children.

About the Author:

Dr. Gary Kodish is a Cosmetic Dentist in south Florida.

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