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The Joys Of Country Living

Why country living is the lifestyle for me

As a person who has lived in both places, I can tell you that country living beats the hustle and bustle of city life any day! Life out in the country has advantages that simply cannot be bought at any price.

In the city you hear horns blowing and sirens blaring. In the country your hear the relaxing sounds of whippoorwills, crickets, and bullfrogs along with the sweet music of a breeze flowing through the trees.

On congested urban streets you have to dodge angry drivers and careless pedestrians. On a quiet country road you have to try to ignore the scenic beauty of forests and farmland so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Yes, country living is the lifestyle that I, like most others who have experienced it, prefer.  Instead of salespeople knocking at my door hoping to depart with some of my money, I have neighbors dropping by with fresh vegetables from their gardens, not to sell mind you, they simply like to share the bounty of their country lifestyle.

Country living means being able to get up at 8am and jog down a deserted lane or sit on the riverbank under a shade tree with a fishing pole in my hand.

City dwellers have the convenience of a store on every corner. I have the tranquility and peace of mind that comes from watching colorful birds flitter around my property or deer frolicking in my neighbor's field.

Yes, I do enjoy my country lifestyle! Having spent a large portion of my life living in various cities around the world, I thoroughly enjoy the peace and tranquility of my country home. For me, country living makes it easy to look forward the next day!

About the author: Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Directory & Informational Resources.

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