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Computer Telephony Resources

  • Cisco Unified Communications Software - Aurus creates Cisco Unified Communications software that works with CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) and has call recording, Cisco attendant console, call monitoring, etc. Also, the software offers video and web conferencing, as well as telepresence management that works with MeetMe.
  • Plum Hosted IVR - Hosted IVR with Plum offers businesses of all sizes the most cost-effective and 
    reliable way to deploy IVR solutions both locally and internationally. We provide a versatile hosted
    IVR infrastructure that scales seamlessly to grow with your business needs.
  • Business VoIP - VoIP Phone Service with features like PBX SIP communication at Nextiva is priority, 
    servicing all of the USA Innovative Call Center services.
  • LumenVox - LumenVox is a provider of Speech Recognition technology, with a focus on accuracy 
    and affordability. Our innovative speech recognition technology empowers channel integrators,
    developers, and solution providers to design, develop, and deploy a variety of speech applications.
  • Internet Telephony Service Provider - Vbuzzer is an affordable VOIP software provider which 
    allows customers to use their peer-to-peer broadband Internet telephony software at an
    affordable price.
  • VoIP Now Blog - Provides information and practical tips on using VoIP. 
  • Electronic Voice Services - Computer Telephony hardware and software by Electronic Voice 
  • Computer Telephony Integration - OAK Telecom Ltd are SME market leaders in call management, 
    call recording, CRM, and voice processing systems with over 20,000 systems installed in the UK.

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