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Cocoa Beach Hotels


  • Cocoa Beach Hilton Oceanfront
      1550 North Atlantic Avenue
      Cocoa Beach, FL 32931-3268

      Tel.: 321-799-0003
      Fax.: 321-799-0344
      Toll Free Reservations: 800-889-4787

  • Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach
      1300 N Atlantic Avenue
      Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 

      Telephone: 321-783-2271
      Fax: 321-784-8878

  • Cocoa Beach Hampton Inn
      3425 N. Atlantic Ave.
      Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

      Phone: 321-799-4099

  • Best Western Oceanfront Resort
      5600 North Atlantic Avenue
      Cocoa Beach,FL 32931

      Phone: (321) 783-7621
      Fax: (321) 799-4576
      Toll Free: 1-800-962-0028

  • Cocoa Beach Comfort Inn & Suites
      3901 North Atlantic Ave.
      Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

      Call toll free: (800) 247-2221

    Note: Cocoa Beach hotel accommodations are available in all price ranges.
    Many visitors to the Orlando area choose to stay in one of the many
    Cocoa Beach hotels because they are less expensive and only a one hour
    drive or less from most central Florida attractions. Cocoa Beach hotels are
    an excellent choice and they will likely fit in well with your Florida vacation

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