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Top Family Christmas Holiday Destinations

With the stresses of Christmas always multiplied by hosting the festivities at home, an increasing number of families have been biting the bullet and deciding to spend their winter holidays abroad. But just how to choose the perfect destination for your Christmas getaway? To save you sifting through the myriad of options, we've taken a look at some of the very best locations for winter family holidays around the globe. Just read on for the details and remember to wrap up warm...

Every year, the lure of a white Christmas proves too much for many families to ignore and as a result, destinations with the promise of sure snowfall are always highly popular. For guaranteed snow this year, Austria's Tyrol region is probably the safest bet in Europe. Innsbruck in particular gets more than its fair share of the white stuff. If making your way to the Tyrolean capital for the festive season, be sure to visit 'Christkindlmarkt' - the famed Christmas market in the Old Town, running from the 1st of December right through to Christmas Eve. Here you'll find open-air ice-skating, traditional Austrian cuisine and countless opportunities to soak up the local culture.

For a Christmas holiday that offers round-the-clock reveling and celebration, look no further than New York - a city that seems never to sleep throughout the entire festive season. Accommodation is available to suit every budget, from the luxurious Waldorf Astoria to the comfortable Gem Soho, with restaurants similarly varied in character and price. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is a seasonal icon that is not to be missed and open-air ice-skating is available at Bryant park from the 6th of November - a real must for those after a genuine New York Christmas.

For anyone after a Christmas getaway without the hassle of international travel, don't fret. There are hundreds of holiday cottages throughout the UK that can offer your family and friends a truly unique Christmas experience. A particular advantage with this type of holiday is that it will most likely be within easy reach for all involved - so, perfect for that extended family reunion that is always finding itself pushed back or rearranged. To get the best cottage in your preferred location it is usually wise to book as early as possible, though there are always a number of last minute deals to be snapped up by latecomers.

But wherever you find yourself this Christmas, it's more than likely that you'll be up against some bitingly cold mornings and equally arctic evenings. And whilst a few years ago that might have meant plus-sized overcoats and ill-fitting woolly jumpers, there has recently been a real surge in the production of modern, stylish winter-wear. Brands such as Volcom clothing for example, have taken their cue from the boarders and skiers of North America and design gift-worthy apparel that is just as at home in everyday life as it is out on the slopes.

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