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Choosing The Right Bird Feed

How to pick the best bird feed for attracting birds to your property

Birds love seeds: Black oil  sunflower, white millet, niger, safflower, cracked corn, and broken nuts.

You can just throw the seeds on the ground, but it is best to use a feeder in order to protect the feed and keep it from getting scattered, wasted, or covered with snow.

Your feeder can be raised on a pole, hung from a tree branch, or fastened to the railing of your porch. Several feeding locations will bring you more kinds of birds than a single feeder, because each type of bird will find its own preferred food, level and location. 

And don't forget about water! One of the best ways to attract birds into your yard is to provide lots of unfrozen water, replenished daily. Sometimes birds find it more difficult to find drinkable water in the winter time than food!

Try to feed the birds on a regular basis, but don't worry if you have to be gone from your home for long periods in winter. Birds are used to having a food source disappear, and they know where else they can go to find food.

Simply put, they won't starve because of your lapse in feeding. But if you fail to keep your feeders stocked with bird seed while you're at home, you won't attract any birds to your yard. They'll visit the neighbors instead, and you'll probably miss them more than they miss you.

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