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Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company

Making the right choice when choosing a web hosting company is crucial to the success of your site. Make the wrong choice and you'll have to suffer through unacceptable periods downtime and slow server transfer speeds.

You can have the most professional looking web site on the net, but if the quality of your web hosting company is less than what it should be your site may be slow to load and down altogether for extended periods of time. In short, take care and do your homework before you decide on a web hosting company.

The first thing to consider above all else is the speed of the web host's server connection to the internet. The internet connection should be dual T3's at a minimum. Anything less than that will cause your site to bog down during peak traffic hours. Don't consider a web hosting company that offers less regardless of how low the price is.

Next you need to consider the server hardware itself. State of the art in the computer industry changes rapidly, but you should only consider a web hosting company that uses the latest equipment with plenty of memory to ensure fast server response at peak times.

To be considered, a potential web hosting company should offer these features as a bare minimum:

  • Uptime guarantee - Anything less than 99.5% is simply unacceptable for a quality web host

  • Storage - 1 GB to allow for expansion as your site grows (and it will)

  • Bandwidth - 50 GB per month. Some web hosting companies advertise unlimited bandwidth. You should know that there is no such thing. There's always a bandwidth limit that is known only by the web host. Exceed that limit and they'll cancel your account in a heartbeat. It's much better to know what the limit is up front.
You should also expect to have the following features available at no extra charge even if you don't need them right now. Sooner or later you will. 
  • SQL database support

  • PHP support

  • Server side includes

  • Access to your raw traffic logs

  • Password protected directories

  • Daily backups

  • Other miscellaneous features that may be required for your particular site

  • A money back guarantee
RLROUSE.COM uses HostGator for our web host and we have been extremely pleased with their performance and turn around time on technical support requests (usually less than 1 hour!). I highly recommend them if you're looking for the best value in price, features, and speed in your web host.

Take care and do your homework in choosing a web hosting company and you can rest assured that your host will be able to accommodate your site as it grows.

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