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Is Your Wife Cheating On You?

The top 10 signs that your wife is cheating

You might have a cheating wife if:

  1. She has made (or is making) changes in her appearance. She’s losing weight and sprucing up her appearance. New hairstyle, nails, new clothes. Changes in her style of dress. She's dressing to please another man, or he's buying her new things. Also new lingerie you don't get to see, but it's in the drawer or laundry hamper.
  2. She has bigger phone bills (cell and landline) and odd phone calls. The phone rings at odd times. When you answer, they hang up. Or she disappears outside with the cell, saying she’s taking out the garbage or something.
  3. She has become distant, talking less, and not interested in things that she was interested in before. She’s lax about your comings and goings. She doesn’t care what you’re up to any more. You have less arguments. In this case, less “nagging” is not a good sign. Now she sticks the remote in your hand and tells you to go for it (and then leaves or gets on the phone or Internet).
  4. She suddenly has to work late and weekends all the time.
  5. She has weakened relations with her family and friends. She spends less time with them, less frequently, and says less to them.
  6. Flowers arrive at the house. She says they're from her boss, a colleague, her parents, or a friend.
  7. You notice a change in her intimacy level. More interest in variety and trying new things (she's learning new things from the new guy) or she's no longer interested in being intimate with you.
  8. You notice changes in the children's behavior. Children are intuitive. They don't miss what's going on. They're more clingy or more argumentative, not sleeping or eating well, not doing so well at school, or complaining of things like stomach aches.
  9. You find unaccountable charges on your credit cards. Going over budget. People who are having an affair spend money. They buy gifts for their lover, go to motels, rent cars, travel, and buy new enhancements for themselves. Women do this just as much as men.
  10. Disappearing to spend time on the Internet. A way to meet new people, or to communicate by email or Instant messenger.

About the author:

Susan Dunn, MA, is an Emotional Intelligence coach. She is the author of "Sensualizing Your Relationship,” a manual and The EQ Foundation Course, an Internet course, two products that can save your marriage. Visit Susan at www.susandunn.cc.

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