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How To Make Canning Jar Candles

Craft stunning candles from ordinary canning jars!

Canning jar candles are simple to make, they make excellent gifts, and they're only limited by your imagination!

Holidays around your home will be extra festive with a few of your custom made jar candles decorating your rooms!

Here is what you'll need to get started making your jar candles:
  • Some narrow-mouth canning jars
  • Wire ribbon
  • Potpourri
  • Votive candles
  • Small glass votive candle holders
  • Craft glue (or a hot glue gun)
If you don't have any canning jars sitting around, you can pick some up very inexpensively at thrift shops and local yard sales.

Wire ribbon can be a bit expensive, so look for it at yard sales and craft store clearance sales. After-Christmas sales are an excellent time to stock up. A single roll of ribbon will make a number of canning jar candles.

You can make potpourri yourself, or simply buy it (hint: look for sales).

Votive candles and glass votive candle holders are very inexpensive at Walmart. Select a candle holder that will comfortably fit in the rim of the canning jar. 

You can fill the canning jar with anything you wish. Potpourri makes a very easy filler. I selected a wonderful autumn-scented potpourri and added a few orange slices that I'd dried in my food dehydrator. You can also use dried apple slices, dried cranberries, or cinnamon sticks. 

After you fill up the jar, simply set the candle holder inside the mouth of the jar. Make sure that the top of the candle holder is even with the top of the jar. It might require a little trial and error before you find just the right candle holder for a specific jar.

Place the candle in the candle holder. Then, using the ribbon, tie an attractive bow around the neck of the jar. You might wish to use a bit of glue to tack the ribbon in place. 

For a more decorative look, you can glue some flowers, dried fruit, or other decorations on the bow. You can also fill the jar with other things besides potpourri.

As a distinctive and attractive alternative to the ribbon and bow, you can top off the jar with a small piece of fabric (see photo). Just cut a piece of fabric that is larger than the top of the jar. Place it over the mouth of the jar and screw the lid on over it!

I've seen jar candles that were half filled with white sugar, with a short white taper candle set down in the sugar. Very pretty and quite unique! And that one didn't require the candle holder!

For Christmas, you can buy small ornaments and place them inside the jar as a decorative filler. Any small figurine will do. In the spring you could use little bunnies or even candy eggs! 

Jar candles filled with marbles or layers of colored sand are very attractive. You can even use coins! Just use your imagination.

Canning jar candles make great gifts, and are also fun to make for yourself. If you ever get tired of looking at one, simply empty it out and start all over!

About the author:

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer, mom, and owner of four home and family websites. Visit her at www.crafty-moms.com.

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