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Why We Get Cancer

The link between cancer and nutrition

Cancer. Just hearing the word cancer sends chills up one's spine. Have you ever wondered why it is that so many people are getting cancer today? Maybe the answer lies in the foods that we eat. Here is some information about cancer and nutrition that may interest you.

Approximately ten years ago, a survey was conducted that indicated that one out of every three North Americans would develop cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Just recently, that same survey was again undertaken and the results were shocking: It now tells us that one out of one people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. In other words, everyone is at serious risk of developing cancer today!

What has taken place to cause such a huge increase in our society's cancer rate? Why will so many members of our younger generation end up developing cancer?

In large part, I believe the answer to these questions lies in the quality of the nutritional value of the foods that we eat. The younger generation of today consists of "junk food" addicts, and this is a large part of the cancer problem.

Just what causes cancer? Cancer is not caused by bacteria, a virus, or a fungus. Cancer is what's known as a metabolic disease. This means that cancer is caused by the body's inability to properly utilize the nutrition that it receives from food.

Every cell in your body requires two things in order for it to remain healthy: electrical stimulation and a high quality of nutrition.

Think of it like this: High quality food "burns" much cleaner than lower quality food. High quality foods then will naturally leave very little residue behind. High quality foods are also able to provide higher levels of nutrition to your body's cells.

If the body's cells fail to receive the level of nutrition that they need, they can't remain healthy.

When you eat, your body will always attempt to absorb the highest quality nutrition that it can from the food that you eat. Providing your body with high quality nutrition helps your cells remain healthy.

But providing your body with low quality nutrition leads to diseased cells. In other words, your cells' health is directly related to the quality of the nutrition that they receive from the food you eat.

Cancer can't develop or grow on healthy tissue. It can only develop on unhealthy tissue (by tf support allender). It makes sense then that if you weaken your body by not supplying it with the proper quality of nutrition, it won't be able to fight off cancer and other diseases.

In order for your body's tissues to remain strong and healthy, you have to supply them with a high level of nutrition that they can use to fight off cancer.

What exactly is a high level of nutrition? It's simply nutrition that is "electrically compatible" with your body's matrix. Now what does that mean?

There are certain things in our world that are designed as food for humans, and certain things that are not. The items that are designed as food for us have the correct molecular configuration to make them compatible with our body's physical matrix and help ward off cancer.

If we eat those things that are "electrically compatible" with our physical matrices, they will nourish us. But if we eat those things that are not electrically compatible, they won't. In fact, they'll be toxic to us, often causing cancer.

Do you eat healthy food? You may think that you eat healthy, but if you eat things that your body doesn't recognize as nutrition and can't use, then all you are eating is "filler", and filler is something that your body cannot utilize.

So what really causes cancer? As mentioned above, the underlying cause of cancer development is your body's inability to properly utilize the nutrition that it receives from what you eat.

Cancer can't develop or grow on healthy tissue. The only way to prevent cancer from developing in your body is to avoid the development of toxins, eat only those things that your body can use, and be as healthy overall as you can be.

Make sure that you keep your tissues supplied with enough "electrically compatible" nutrition and you'll greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Ron Harder is a Nutritional Health Consultant, Iridologist, and the author of "How to defeat cancer naturally without chemo, Radiation, or Surgery".

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