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Picture of the day - August 3, 2005

Bristol, VA-TN: A Good Place To Live

Bristol, VA-TN State Street Sign

Bristol, VA-TN really is a good place to live, and today's picture features a sign that let's everyone know it. The "Bristol sign" is a well known landmark in parts far and wide because most visitors who see it never forget it.

The sign straddles State Street, a well-known landmark in its own right due to the fact that the center of the road is the literal Virginia/Tennessee state line. In the photo, the left lane of State Street lies in Virginia while the right lane is in Tennessee!

Bristol is a very special city. Well, make that two very special cities. Legally, Bristol, VA and Bristol, TN are two distinct cities, each with its own city government, police force, school system, etc. And each city has laws and regulations that don't apply to the citizens residing in the other, so activities that are illegal on one side of State Street might be completely legal on the other side!

While legally the two Bristol's are separate, they are truly one Bristol where it counts - in the hearts and minds of the citizens. Bristolians on both sides of the border take pride in what the cities have to offer the world, such as Bristol Motor Speedway (in Bristol, TN) and the Birthplace Of Country Music Museum (in Bristol, VA).

Bristol provides its residents with a quality of life that exceeds that of most other cities of the same size or larger. The weather is nice, the economy is strong, the people are friendly and there is live Bluegrass Music to be found all around the region. Perhaps Bristol's famous sign needs updating - Bristol isn't just a good place to live...it's a great place to live!

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