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Scoring Bristol Race Tickets

How to find tickets to the Bristol NASCAR races

Bristol race tickets are among the hottest tickets in sports. In fact, finding tickets to the Bristol Nextel Cup Series races can be almost impossible, especially if you wait until the last minute. Every Cup Series race at Bristol is a sellout, virtually every time!

What makes Bristol tickets so hard to come by?

There are several reasons why it's so hard to get tickets to a Bristol race, including:

  • Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS) is easily the most popular track in NASCAR. The "world's fastest half-mile" features 36 degree banks on the corners which allow super-fast speeds through the turns as well as on the straight-aways.
  • Bumper-to-bumper and fender-to-fender racing at an average speed of around 100 miles per hour makes the Bristol races among the most action-packed on the circuit. There is always nearly endless excitement at BMS! There are always caution flags galore at a Bristol race!
  • The view from most seats at Bristol is as good or better than any NASCAR track. No matter where you sit, chances are you can see virtually all of the action on the track.
So how can I get my hands on a set of Bristol race tickets?

If you order early enough, you can usually find decent tickets online or through one of several ticket sales outlets. Just do a Google search for "Bristol Race Tickets" and you'll find several ticket vendors to choose from.

The problems arise when fans wait too long to order their tickets. Most Bristol races are sold out a few weeks before race day, so getting your hands on some of them requires a little work (and knowing where to look):
  • First of all, I recommend checking on eBay. There are almost always several sets of Bristol tickets for sale on the online auction giant's site.
  • You can also try some of the larger online classified ad sites.
  • Another good place to check is TriCities.com Classifieds.
If you have no luck finding tickets for a race ahead of time, all is not lost! If you just come on down to Bristol, you stand an excellent chance of scoring some race tickets after you get into town even though the race is already sold out (but there are no guarantees).

There will almost certainly be tickets for sale in the Bristol Herald Courier and at several points along the main roads leading to BMS, but be prepared to pay a premium for any tickets purchased locally.


While it's true that Bristol NASCAR tickets are among the hottest tickets in sports, they can be found. You just have order early or be prepared to do a little scrounging around and pay a bit extra.

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