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Book Resources Directory

  • Bookbyte - A trusted source for college textbooks, Bookbyte sells new and used textbooks
    and rents textbooks as well. Bookbyte also offers some of highest cash buyback prices.
    Textbook rental customers are rewarded with 10% cash rebates. Search by title, author,
    or ISBN. Purchases over $49 ship for free.
  • www.textbookrecycling.com - Buyer and seller of new and used textbooks. In business since 
  • Cheap Textbooks - Textbook price compare website that helps users save time and money 
    when buying books by searching all the top online bookstores at once.
  • TheTextbookBuyer.com - Buys new and used K-12 and college textbooks. Pays for shipping. 
    Offers multiple buyback solutions.
  • College Textbooks - Find new and used college textbooks at great prices! 
  • Medical Books - Find hard to find medical books at efollett.com. Your source of new and used 
    medical books.
  • College Textbooks - Phatcampus has one of the largest used and new cheap college textbooks 
    selection online with over 250 thousand titles in stock.
  • The Book Explorer - A community of reading enthusiasts sharing their book collections. Members 
    receive new book recommendations based on their reading preferences.
  • Too Small To Ignore - Dr. Wess Stafford explores the need to make sure every child around the 
    world is properly taken care of.


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