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Pay-Per-Click BidBrowser

- Completely Free Software Download -

Pay-Per-Click BidBrowser is a free software program that runs on your Windows computer. It returns the top bids for any search term, right to your desktop!

What PPC BidBrowser does:

You simply enter a search term (keyword or phrase) and it automatically returns the top Overture listings for that term along with the bids. You'll instantly know how much you'll need to bid in order to get top placement for that term!

Bid Browser is a simple Internet Explorer based software tool for browsing the Overture bid tool. It is exactly the same as using IE or Netscape, but BidBrowser will automatically capture the advertiser's bids, URLs, and title, then display the information in a neat table. You don't have to copy and paste any information from the browser.

You can simply copy the table rows to the clipboard or export to a tab limited text file. You can also create very handy reports. This feature is especially useful for SEO firms and individuals who need to create charts or presentations for clients, as well as for analyzing bidding patterns of competitors.

What PPC BidBrowser isn't:

PPC BidBrowser is not an automated lookup tool. These tools are prohibited by Overture. It's simply the Internet Explorer browser wrapped around a powerful interface that makes it extremely easy to tabulate the advertiser URLs, titles, and the max bids for each search term.

The secure interface for the online Overture bid tool makes it very difficult for advertisers to easily tabulate the bid patterns. PPC BidBrowser works around that problem in a way that doesn't violate any of Overture's terms and conditions.

Just use the software as if you are using Internet Explorer. As you perform your keyword lookups the software will automatically extract the required data and display it in a nice, neat table. Once you have completed your research you can choose to export the results to a text file or copy it to the Windows clipboard using the simple toolbar buttons
or the menu.

Actual Screenshot                         click to enlarge screenshot

PPC BidBrowser Screenshot

PPC BidBrowser is distributed as unconditional freeware. There are no nag screens, registrations, advertisements, or payments to deal with. Simply download the software and use it!

There is no charge whatsoever for downloading and using
Pay-Per-Click BidBrowser! Of course, if you find the software useful (and believe me, you will!), a link back to our site would be greatly appreciated (link information is below). But even the link is optional.

Download Pay-Per-Click BidBrowser now!

Here is our link information should you decide to link to us:

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Here is the HTML code for the above link (just cut and paste it into your website):

Thanks for linking to us.

Enjoy your PPC BidBrowser!

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