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Those Wonderful Bed & Breakfasts!

B&B's offer a unique and charming lodging experience

Bed & breakfasts offer a unique lodging experience. If you're looking for the ultimate in peace and quiet, bed & breakfasts and small inns offer great getaways along with a chance to completely immerse yourself in more of the local atmosphere. 

Bed and breakfasts are charming properties that only host a few guests at a time. Here, you'll be part of a small group of guests, and you'll likely get to know each other just as you would aboard a small cruise.

In most cases, the owners of the bed and breakfast live right on the property so you'll receive a high level of personal attention. 

Our favorite bed & breakfasts make us feel like we're actually guests of the family returning for another stay. We enjoy chatting with the other guests, who are usually experienced travelers, as well as with the owners who give us a special insight into island life.

Over the years, we have shared many interesting dinner conversations with hoteliers about hurricanes, gardening, local specialties, local sports, and island life in general.

This atmosphere has given us a perspective on these destinations that we simply would never have received at another type of lodging venue. 

Be sure to ask plenty of questions before booking a stay in a bed & breakfast. These properties sometimes offer limited services and they may be more restrictive. If applicable to you and your family, be sure to ask:

  • is smoking permitted indoors?
  • are children allowed as guests?
  • is breakfast served at one time or as guests wander in?
  • are intimate tables available or are meals served family style?
  • are special dietary considerations met?
  • is there a minimum stay requirement?
  • does a remote location necessitate a rental car?
A stay at a bed and breakfast will provide a charming lodging experience like you'll never find at a hotel, and they can be found in almost any city and small town in America!

About the authors:

Husband and wife team Paris Permenter and John Bigley have authored over 20 guidebooks. They edit the free Lovetripper.com, a romantic travel magazine featuring worldwide destinations.

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