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Using Banner Ads Effectively

How to get the most out of your banner ad campaigns

It is no secret that in recent years banner ads have become less effective than text links. The term for this phenomenon is "banner blindness". Banner ads were so ubiquitous in the early years of the Internet that users simply began ignoring them.

So what did advertisers do? They made the banners harder to ignore by making them flash, rotate, jiggle, and all kinds of other tricks. This of course led users to like banners even less!

So does this mean that banner advertising is useless? Not at all!

There are several things you can do to combat banner blindness. First of all, make sure that each of your banners is easy on the eye and blends in well with the site it's displayed on. Match up the color scheme and design to those of the site.

Yes, this means you'll need a customized banner for every site you advertise on, but the results will make the effort and expense worth it, trust me!

You also need to make sure your banners are placed on relevant pages (not just relevant websites). For example, a banner ad for web hosting plans will convert much better on an article page about web hosting than on a page about Search Engine Optimization.

You can also make your banners look just like regular text links! Here's how:

  1. Create a regular text link for your ad that is designed to fill the space used by a normal 468x60 banner.
  2. Upload a blank page with the link on it to your website.
  3. View the page in your web browser.
  4. Press the Print Screen button (Prt Scr).
  5. Load the Windows Paint program and click "Edit", then "Paste". You will see a screenshot of the web page with nothing but the text link on it.
  6. Click "File", then "Save As" and save the image as a JPEG.
  7. Load the new JPEG image into your favorite photo editing application, then crop it to 468x60 pixels. You now have a standard 468x60 banner that looks just like a text link!

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