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Creating a Backyard Habitat For Birds

Tips for creating a welcoming habitat for birds

The restoration and maintenance of habitat is vital for wild birds and other varieties of wildlife due to commercial and residential infringement on their natural areas. Humans are good at building places for us to live but we usually don't give much thought to creating wildlife habitat (places where humans can live in harmony with our animal and bird friends).

It is up to us to restore and create appealing and functional natural areas for birds and other wildlife to thrive. It's easy to create your own backyard habitat! All you need to do is provide these basic elements which are vital to our animal friends:
Cradle Birdfeeder Photo
1 - Food

Plant shrubs, flowers, and trees that produce seeds, fruits and nuts throughout the year. Plant nectar-producing plants for hummingbirds and butterflies. Birdfeeders should be filled with seed, suet or nectar. 

2 - Water

Water is one of the most important things to have in a successful backyard habitat. Offer several different sources of water to the birds and animals. A bird bath or water dish placed at ground level or a small, clean pond will provide the water necessary for drinking and bathing. This water will also offer an aquatic habitat for dragonflies, frogs and other aquatic life. 

3 - Shelter

Diamond Birdhouse Photo Shelter will change your yard and garden from a place where birds visit to a place where they live. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs that provide cover year round from weather and predators. Deciduous trees, winter flowers, and shrubs can offer excellent nesting sites and roosting areas.

Wild birds need an area where they can feel safe and receive safe haven from predators. Birdhouses make an attractive and functional addition to any lawn or garden. Rocks, logs and piles of mulch offer effective cover for small animals such as chipmunks, box turtles, and insects. Allowing a dead or decaying tree stump to lie in your yard can act as a very good source of both food and shelter for many small creatures.

4 - Places to raise their young

As we have cleared natural habitat for development, we have drastically diminished the number of valuable nesting sites for birds. Bluebirds, purple martins and woodpeckers are struggling to find adequate nesting sites. But we have the power to help them bounce back. Provide functional birdhouses for wild birds to use and you will help them out and provide for years of enjoyment for yourself. And, of course, don't forget to provide bird feed and water the birds!

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