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The Moon

Interesting facts about the moon

The MoonThe moon is a planet-like object that revolves around the earth. At only 1/6 that of the earth, the moon doesn't have enough gravitational force to hold an atmosphere. This makes it very easy to see the moon from the earth on nights when the sky is clear.

Here are a few interesting facts about the moon:

  • Distance from the earth: 238,000 miles
  • Diameter: 2,160 miles 
  • Mass: 7.35e22 kg 
  • Time to orbit the earth: 27.3 days 
  • Time to rotate on its axis: 27 earth days 
Many people believe that the moon doesn't rotate on its axis, but it actually does. It just does it very, very slowly. Why does it appear to stay in the same position? Because the moon's speed of rotation is synchronized with earth such that we always see the same side of it from earth.

The moon formed at the same time as the earth. The earth's gravitational pull was strong enough to "grab" the moon and start it revolving around it instead of the around the sun. Had the moon escaped from earth's gravity and began revolving around the sun, it would have become a planet instead of a moon!

The moon has icecaps on either pole. As far as we know these icecaps are the only water that currently exists on the moon. There is a possibility that future astronauts will be able to gather some of the moon's frozen water for use on missions to other planets.

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