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Upgrading Your Air Conditioner

Home improvement with a mini-split air conditioner

The main reason most people invest in home improvement projects is to increase their quality of life. This spring, millions of people will install new windows, replace their deteriorating roofs, and upgrade their heating and air conditioning systems. 

If you have plans to do the latter, you may want to consider upgrading to a system that not only controls the temperature in your home, but the quality of the air you breathe as well. With allergy season nearly upon us and summer just around the corner, air purifiers and air conditioners are a top priority for many of us. 

A new generation of high-tech “mini-split” air conditioning systems that feature powerful ionizing filters that clean the air as they cool it are now very popular with remodelers and new home builders alike.

These unobtrusive air conditioners can provide multi-room temperature control without the typical complex ductwork or construction hassle of central air conditioning systems.

Some mini-split air conditioners are offered in “dual-zone” or “tri-zone” configurations that allow two or three rooms to be cooled simultaneously, yet independently, providing more control and saving energy and money. 

If you wish to move up to one of these popular mini-split air conditioning systems, you may want to consider a unit offered by Fujitsu General America, an industry leader in ductless air conditioning.

Their Halcyon IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) air conditioning systems feature a wonderful plasma filtration system that removes superfine pollutants from the air, including smoke, dust, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores, creating a fresh and comfortable indoor environment.

By combining an electrostatic filter with a plasma filter, the IAQ air conditioners “ionize” the contaminants to collect and neutralize irritants and odors, leaving only fresh, clean air. 

An easy to read display on the front of the IAQ air conditioner notifies you when the filter needs to be cleaned (a simple process that requires just water and a mild detergent).

Super-quiet fans on the IAQ keep the noise level to a minimum and ensure a tranquil living environment. As an extra benefit, the Halcyon IAQ air conditioner also carries a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (12-SEER), which will mean great news when you receive your summertime electric bill! 

These units are easily installed without the expense or disruption of unsightly ductwork, and they provide a very attractive alternative to bulky central air systems and ugly window air conditioners.

Article courtesy Fujitsu Halcyon IAQ systems.

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