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Managing ADD

Helping your ADD child enjoy a successful life!

The parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, face a constant struggle keeping them focused and out of trouble. If not dealt with effectively, the ADD child can disrupt the normal function and happiness of the entire family.

Affecting approximately 5% of the school-age population, ADD is the most common behavioral disorder in children. In addition to being difficult to manage and control, ADD children are also more likely to have serious problems as adults.

If you're the parent of a child with ADD, it's absolutely vital that you seek professional help for your child and your family.

Laura J. Stevens, M.S, is the founder of Nutrition in Action, Inc., the developer of The ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter, and the coauthor of How to Feed Your Hyperactive Child.

In her book 12 Effective Ways to Help Your Add/ADHD Child: Drug-Free Alternatives for Attention-Deficit Disorders, she offers a series of alternatives to the all too often prescribed drugs, which have potential negative side effects.

Helping a child with ADD can be a very frustrating process that requires an understanding of the various biochemical and nutritional factors involved. This comprehensive guide offers the information parents need to recognize these factors. Included also are dietary suggestions and tips for avoiding allergens.

If your child has ADD, you owe it yourself, your child, and your family to do whatever is required to manage your child's ADD in a safe, yet effective manner. This powerful book can help you get started down the right path.

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