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Add-On Sales: The Key To Success On The Web!

Can you guess the most inexpensive way to make a sale from your web site? Sell to the customer that just bought something from you!

All successful salespeople have at least one thing in common: They all know how to make a sale "after the sale". There are several costs associated with finding buying customers.  Selling on the web is not a cheap endeavor. This is why it makes sense to really make add-on sales a priority.

For example, when you purchased your last computer, you likely noticed how before you left the store the salesperson had "reminded" you to purchase a surge protector and extra ink for your new printer. Maybe even an expensive extended warranty for your new PC.

These add-ons may have doubled the store's profits (not to mention the salesperson's commission) from the original purchase amount. Without paying a dime for extra
advertising or promotion, that $1000 sale probably turned into $1300-$1400, with most of the difference being profit!

You may now be asking "Can I do this with my web site?". The answer is yes, of course you can. In fact, making add-on sales from a web site is a lot easier than it is in a brick and mortar store.

There are two very effective methods of making add-on sales from a web site:
  • Suggest available options and accessories right on the order confirmation page. Remember the printer and ink example above? If your customer is ready to pay for a new printer, show a "suggestion box" on one side of the page reminding him to place an extra ink cartridge in the shopping cart. And of course don't forget about the cable!

  • You can also easily make an add-on sale AFTER the purchase has been paid for! After the payment is completed and processed, the customer should be taken directly to a "thank you" page. This is the page where you'll thank the customer for giving you his business.
This is a great time to ask him if he forgot anything and give him the easy option of returning to your products page. Or simply advertise a completely different but related
product. After all, he is already motivated to buy (because he just did) and he probably still has his credit card in his hand!

Always be sure to remind the customer that he will save money by taking advantage of multiple item discounts and combined shipping charges. Never fail to ask for add-on
sales and you'll boost your bottom-line!

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