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How To Accomplishing Anything

The 5 winning beliefs to accomplish anything in life

A brighter future, a more enjoyable life, a more fit body or a wealthier mind begins with a winning belief system. Beliefs shape our destiny and the more supporting they are, the more we are able to achieve our goals.

Positive beliefs, like "I can do it" "I have tremendous resources to succeed" have been formed through experiences, especially during your childhood. In the same way, negative or limiting beliefs, like "I'm worthless" "I don't deserve to succeed" "I don't have the permission to succeed" have been formed at an early age.

To succeed at anything you try, you need to develop and maintain five powerful beliefs.

You need to literally transform these limiting beliefs and sure you can, because as they have been learned (through experiences, ideas.), they can be unlearned, restructured and changed.

Ask yourself these five questions and ponder the answers. For each query, rate your degree of belief from 1 to 5:

  1. Do I deserve it?

    This has to do with you. This has to do with your feelings of self-worth. "Do I deserve, do I have the permission to be a millionaire?" "Do I have the permission to remain centered, instead of stressed and depressed" Feel this question in your entire body.

    This is an essential step that your whole body and mind need to accept and integrate.
  2. Am I capable of doing it?

    This next part concerns your plan that you've outlined to achieve your goal. "Am I capable of taking appropriate action, following the different steps I set up to succeed?"

    Once you've answered that question affirmatively, integrate this in your body and mind. You don't only need to know it cognitively but also emotionally. Your body is not just made up of a cognitive mind, but with emotions and feelings and the whole system needs to accept it.
  3. Is it appropriate for me?

    This has to do with the actions and behaviors themselves. "Are the actions and behaviors I need to take appropriate?" This is an important question. The actions and behaviors need to be ethical, practical and down-to-earth.

    Evaluate and decide if your actions are appropriate. If not, change them. You don't only want to set goals in your life, you want to become congruent and live in harmony with your core values.
  4. Is it possible?

    Here we need to look at the path to reach your goal. "Am I convinced that it is possible to achieve my goal with these appropriate steps?"

    The path may be long or difficult. You need to build a strong belief that it is possible to follow the path that leads to great success. You need to persist and never give up when it becomes tough.
  5. Is the outcome desirable?

    This point analyses the outcome itself. "Is the goal in harmony with who I am?" Again, this is a congruency issue. Define the big reason why of this goal and you will find that what you really want is truly desirable.
There are five basic elements to reach any outcome: you, the plan, the actions and behaviors, the path and the outcome itself. The belief you will develop for each element will form a winning belief system that will empower you in achieving anything you really want out of life.

If you're not happy with the results you have, consider the following questions. First, what else do I have to know, believe or do in order to be more confident? Second, do I have a mentor that can help me for this particular belief? Third, what advice or message would my mentor give to me?

In doing that for each of the five core beliefs to attaining any goal, you will build high level of self-confidence.

These winning beliefs will give you more self-esteem and you will soon become unstoppable.

About the Author:

Emmanuel Segui is the owner of Vision-To-Action.com. Do you need for more consistency and happiness in your life? Learn how to create a compelling vision of your life and organization, change your limiting beliefs, live consistently with your values and achieve greater success.

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