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Want to learn to play accompaniment piano?

I was blessed to be born into a musical family. As a child I loved to sit at my dad's feet and watch him pick his guitar while he and mom sang a favorite old hymn. Later, dad took to the piano like a baby fish taking to water, adding yet another form of musical enjoyment to our lives. And of course my wife Cheria is also an accomplished pianist and organist, treating the congregation at our church to the sweet sounds of her musical talents at the start of each service.

But try as I might, I have never really been able to follow in their footsteps by learning to "make music". I took piano lessons as a youngster, but baseball soon captured my attention and demanded pretty much all of my free time, relegating the ivory keys to the back burner. But some day I hope to give it another try, and as luck would have it I recently discovered what appears to be an excellent way to learn how to play accompaniment piano.

If you're like me, learning to play an instrument doesn't come easy, but I believe it can be done with the help of high quality instructional materials. If you would like to learn how to play piano as an accompaniment to your own singing or the vocals of someone else, HowToAccompany.com just might be the best place to start. Who knows, you just might find that you too can tickle the ivories with the best of them!

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