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Selling: The ABC Method

Boost sales with the simple and effective ABC selling method!

Selling isn't a skill that you're born with. Selling is a skill that is learned, and if studied regularly and practiced, mastered! If you're new to selling you may be getting discouraged from low sales. Don't fall into this trap (that everyone new to selling encounters initially). You can hone your selling skills and enjoy a successful sales career if you have the desire to make it happen.

One of the simplest and best ways of quickly increasing your sales performance is to use the ABC Method Of Selling. Many top sales people say this is the only selling method they use. And it does result in fast sales!

ABC stands for Always Be Closing. From the time you first meet the prospect until you actually complete the deal, keep your sights set on closing the sale!

You simply never know at what point in your sales presentation a prospect will decide to buy. Some people prefer to make quick decisions. Others need plenty of time to consider a purchase before they decide.

Learn to recognize which category your prospect is in and be ready to close the sale when the time of decision is reached. Successful selling is all about recognizing and taking advantage of the prospect's readiness to make a buying decision as soon as he gets to that point.

When I'm writing website copy or a sales letter, I always provide a quick way to buy after just the first couple of paragraphs. Why? Because that's all the information that many people need before they're ready to buy! They're ready for you to close the sale right now! Yes, for many prospects, selling to them really is this easy!

I also include a second opportunity for the prospect to buy about half way through the sales copy, and another couple of chances to purchase toward the end of the page.

In-person and phone sales work the same way. Most veteran sales professionals say it's quite OK and often effective to ask for the sale immediately after introducing yourself to the prospect. If she doesn't bite, continue with the selling process until you find the point where she does!

Selling isn't rocket science. All you need is a well-prepared and well rehearsed sales presentation and the willingness to ask for and close the sale!

Kevin's Nunley produces Dr. Nunley's Biz-Tips. Visit him at  http://DrNunley.com.

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