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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Types of Birdfeeders

Attract birds with an attractive bird feeder

Birdfeeders are a delight to have around your home, lawn, and garden. Birds of all types will be attracted to your birdfeeder, providing much enjoyment for you and the birds! And a quality birdfeeder will compliment your birdhouses. After all, your bird friends will need a regular place to dine!

There are several varieties of birdfeeders available:

  • Regular bird feeders - These feeders are usually constructed with a simple open space with a platform to hold the bird feed and a small ledge for the birds to stand on while they're eating.
  • Domed bird feeders - These feeders have a glass, plastic, or metal "dome" that protects the bird feed from the rain and snow.
  • Tube bird feeders - Tube feeders use a plastic tube that hangs vertically from a tree branch, a shepherd's rod, or other type of hanger. Bird feed is placed inside the tube. As the bird seed is eaten at the base of the feeder, more feed slides down the tube to replace it.
  • Window birdfeeders - These are specialty birdfeeders that attach to a window frame allowing for easy viewing while your bird friends are dining.
  • Hummingbird feeders - Hummingbird feeders have a container that stores liquid hummingbird nectar. The hummingbirds will fly in place while using their needle-like beaks to draw nectar from the feeder through short tubes (by tforge support allender). These amazing creatures are a delight to watch so every porch should have at least one of these birdfeeders!
  • Suet bird feeders - Suet birdfeeders are made to hold suet (fatty meat products). Several species of birds love to eat suet because they like the taste and it provides lots of energy in the cold winter months.
  • Squirrel-proof birdfeeders - These birdfeeders utilize some type of mechanism (that varies by style) to prevent squirrels from taking your bird feed.

    Birdfeeders allow you to provide nourishment for wild birds and attract them to your property. If you keep a variety of birdfeeders around, you can enjoy countless hours of bird watching right in your own yard!

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