If you’ve ever wanted to make money blogging, there is good news. You don’t have to be a big company to make an income writing.

The first step is starting a blog. After that, you need to come up with a genre and topics that are in demand from your target audience.

And, of course, you must love blogging. If you’re ready to turn this into your career, keep reading.

Launch Your Blog

You can easily create a blog from one of the many available resources and sites. In fact, it only takes minutes to start a blog. Although, you want to use a self-hosted service that costs between $5-$10 per month.  Read more…

Beginning your own RV and/or camper rental business is a superb opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial skills and make money, but to be successful it’s critical that you plan out your business down to the smallest detail before you officially start it up.

Beginning an RV business is something that virtually anybody can do as Outdoorsy.com points out, and to start your own you’ll just need to follow some basic steps.

Here are the top five steps to starting an RV rental business:  Read more…

The hot summer months are great regarding being able to stay active and get out and about, but they’re not necessarily ideal when it comes to your appearance.

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your skin and hair in particular, so how do you enjoy yourself this summer without looking like you’re suffering the effects of the weather?

Tailor your beauty routine and products to the weather, with tips like the ones detailed below.

Perfect Your Beach Hair

Even if you’re not actually at the beach, having hair that looks like you are is always in style. To get the perfect low-maintenance beach hair this summer, first use a clip-free curling iron to create soft waves.  Read more…

Deprivation and urban decay are major sources of distress for millions of people around the world. Poverty, domestic violence, inadequate housing or pollution are all factors that build up stress in people overtime.

These factors will not only affect how people live, but also how they work or interact with their family members, neighbors or friends.

However, each time we are exposed to stressful events or circumstances that are out of our control, the way it will affect us will mainly depend on how we respond to these events and how we adapt to these circumstances. Read more…

Are you a world-class procrastinator? Do you know what you need to do but seem to always find something else to do that’s not as important? Are you often so overwhelmed by your responsibilities that you can’t seem to get started meeting them?

If you often put things off and then feel guilty for doing so, now is the time to figure out why and learn how to make positive changes.

The reason why is simple: rebellion. You don’t like to be told what to do and instantly become resistant to matters in which you feel you have no choice. Here are a few tips for overcoming this trait and becoming more productive: Read more…

Interviews are as intimidating for the interviewer as the person being interviewed. Hiring managers need to judge in 45 minutes whether or not this person they just met is, in fact, the right person for the job.

The perfect candidate offers a combination of knowledge, skill, experience and personality that suits the company and team, but with so many interviewees behaving as though an interview is a game of yes-or-no 20 Questions; it’s hard to get depth.

To make the perfect interview happen the manager must ask the right questions and this means customization as well as prioritization.

Select your top five priorities. You may get to ask more than five questions, but if each question leads to an in-depth discussion, you will need to make sure you have open-ended questions at the ready for several categories. Here are the seven most significant categories: Read more…

Getting to Barcelona

Easyjet has as many as six flights a day from London Gatwick to Barcelona.

Where to Stay (Barcelona)

The Hotel Market is located in the quiet neighborhood of Sant Antoni close to the Metro and only a ten minute walk to the Ramblas. The rooms are of an adequate size with comfortable beds, and a flat screen television. Wi-Fi is complimentary also, as are apples and bottled water. The hotel also boasts a reasonable priced restaurant, and a great bar.

The New York Times newspaper has called the Market hotel one of the best deals in Europe with their reviewer calling the hotel a “Diamond” after their three day stay. Room rates vary in price but if you visit their website you can find special offers like stay three nights, and only pay for two. To get here from the airport take the Aerobus to the stop Gran Via – Urgell from where it is a short walk to the hotel. Hotet Market is located at Pasatge de Sant Antoni Abad, 10 (+34 933 251 205). Read more…

It certainly seems that we have crossed the threshold into a new and exciting era when it comes to the work force. The latest advances in technology has allowed for perks that many of us have wanted for a long time.

Working from home has been a dream of many, for various reasons. For one, parents have a wonderful opportunity to be able to provide for the family, and be a part of it at the same time – something that is difficult to do, if you are never home. Attending school events and helping with homework is so much easier to do, when you can be flexible in your hours.

The types of jobs available also vary including graphic designers, freelance writers, bloggers, and online retail businesses.

However, there is one common denominator between the various reasons and careers. Security. Anyone working from home is now fully responsible for their own security of their livelihood, equipment, and furnishings. And, when you rely on the internet, computer, and files, you need to make sure it’s all protected. Read more…

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