Picture of the day - February 25, 2005

Riding Horseback Under A Full Moon

Riding horseback under a full moon

While horseback riding is a favorite pastime for many Americans today, it was once a necessity. Automobiles didn't become affordable for most people until well into the 20th century. All except the very wealthy either had to walk, take the train, or ride a horse to get from one place to another.

All across America, the raising, training and pasturing of horses is a big business today. While we now have multiple methods of transportation to choose from, many still enjoy the peace and relaxation that comes from riding horseback, especially in rural areas such as those surrounding my home town of Abingdon, Va.

Today's picture features the haunting silhouette a lone horse and rider making their way under a full moon. You can almost hear the coyotes howling in the background...

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